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A place of freedom where Nature inspires and welcomes wonderful Artists with whom we share a profound philosophy.

Focus on creation '22

Orsolina28 Art Foundation's summer festival dedicated to emerging talents in contemporary dance returns to the Open Air Stage.
Young international artists will bring to the stage notes of their new choreographic works to share with the audience of Focus on Creation in absolute preview.
Between patronage and sustainability, Orsolina28 Art Foundation is committed to developing a new vision of the relationship between creativity, talent support and social regeneration.

All net proceeds from commercial activities are donated to support the projects of Orsolina28 Art Foundation.

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Cherry Notes
Music under the cherry trees, Brunch at km0.

In collaboration with Unione Musicale. Artistic direction: Antonio Valentino

Among all art forms, music has the closest relationship with nature. Music is impalpable matter made of frequencies and timbres, of sound waves that disseminate in the air. Nature, on the other hand, has always been a source of inspiration for artists and composers.
It is an irresistible call, therefore, to listen to classical music performed live on a lawn beneath the shade of cherry trees, surrounded by a breathtaking landscape.
Eight concerts, unique listening experiences with great variety, in the splendid setting of Orsolina28.

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2019 by Ohad Naharin

International premiere of 2019, Ohad Naharin's latest creation for Batsheva Dance Company.
Orsolina28 Art Foundation was pleased to present the European premiere of Ohad Naharin's 2019 on June 18th and 19th in Moncalvo, Italy, for the inauguration of The EYE, an original architectural space designed by Orsolina28 Art Foundation in collaboration with Ohad Naharin.

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