Synthetic Reverie

Cherry Notes Series

Oct 12, 2024

For the first time in residence at Orsolina28, Ferdinando Romano, Ruggero Fornari and Agnese Menguzzato bring to the stage the result of a research that encompasses different worlds

Between echoes of ancient and acoustic sounds, electric atmospheres and the refined timbres of synthesizers, the three artists create a path that leaves ample room for emotions and imagination.

  • Ferdinando Romano double bass, modular synthesizer, samples
  • Ruggero Fornari guitar, modular synthesizer, effects
  • Agnese Menguzzato electronics, lute

"Synthetic Reverie" presents a new repertoire, the result of the work done during the days at Orsolina28. Thus, the program will be a world premiere that, between composition and improvisation, will cross different sound universes.ori.

October 12, 2024 - h 20:00

The Eye

We have chosen to offer the performances for free (reservation required), in line with our values of inclusion and accessibility to culture. We are grateful to those who choose to make a voluntary contribution to support the Foundation's mission.



Guests at the performances of Orsolina28 Art Foundation have the option of staying for dinner in the Serra dei Limoni restaurant, by our partner Bio28.
Synthetic Reverie Oct 12, 2024