Moncalvo in danza

Jul 25, 2024

The Moncalvo in Danza Festival, in collaboration with Orsolina28 Art Foundation, presents a work by the Novara-based Bagart Ballet Company, under the artistic direction of Barbara Gatto.

"Life" wants to be a tool for reflection that highlights the problem of humanity, its need to possess and belong, to dominate and prevaricate to the point of suffocating its own life, establishing a mechanism of self-destruction.

The choreographer, Barbara Gatto, through the poetic and evocative language of the art of contemporary dance, offers the audience a nugget of light to lead them back to the legacy that life gives us.


Dancers from Bagart Ballet Company

July 25, 2024 - h 19:30

Open Air Stage

We have chosen to offer the performances for free (reservation required), in line with our values of inclusion and accessibility to culture. We are grateful to those who choose to make a voluntary contribution to support the Foundation's mission.


The theatre bar, run by Bio28, will be open before the performance, for those who want to enjoy an aperitivo.
Life Jul 25, 2024