The social commitment of Orsolina28


Orsolina28 Art Foundation's mission specifies the willingness to be open to all segments of the population, including the most vulnerable. In this spirit, Orsolina28 collaborates with two local entities that support children and families in need.

Paideia Foundation

The Paideia Foundation, established in 1993 in Turin by the Giubergia and Argentero families, offers concrete help every day to children with different abilities and their families.

Orsolina28 Art Foundation has been supporting its mission since 2020, by inviting children with different abilities and their families every summer for an experience centered on wellbeing. Activities specifically designed to foster creativity will allow the parents to relax and rejuvenate, while our workshops for the whole family offer a moment of connection and play in a safe environment, tailored to everyone's needs.

ASAI Association

ASAI is a volunteer-driven association that has been operating in Turin since 1995. They offer educational and cultural initiatives for children, young people and adults in various multicultural neighborhoods of the city, involving more than 650 volunteers in concrete actions directed toward better coexistence in the urban fabric.

Asai and Orsolina28 have been working together since 2022, to offer children and young people from the Association the opportunity to get out of the city and benefit from a series of activities aimed at developing the creativity and the physical and mental wellbeing of the young participants.