Diego Tortelli & Miria Wurm

A Modern House

Jul 5, 2024 – Jul 14, 2024
A Modern House

During their residency at Orsolina28, choreographer Diego Tortelli and dramaturg Miria Wurm will take on the ambitious project of turning the abstract concept of space, that is, of emptiness defined by a physical boundary, into a concrete entity, that of the body relating to the created stage space through choreography.

Inspired by the family home of the English architect Adam Richards and the architectural thoughts behind it, Tortelli and Wurm explore the tension between the space and the protagonist, as the one shapes the other and is shaped by it.

Diego Tortelli & Miria Wurm

Choreographer Diego Tortelli and dramaturg Miria Wurm, both members of Munich’s independent dance scene, have been developing projects together since 2018. Their artistic language and aesthetics are characterized by clarity and complexity, both in terms of choreographic style and the subject matter of their works. Drawing on cutting-edge technologies and theoretical concepts, they create contemporary dance pieces that reflect on current issues from a personal perspective. Pivotal to each piece is Tortelli’s very own choreographic idiom, which splits the body into its various limbs and joints and then reassembles them over and over again like a game of Tetris, revealing the body in all its beauty and artistry, but also its fragility and brokenness.

Their piece “HOLE IN SPACE” was the only German contribution to be selected by the jury of the Aerowaves network and invited to their Spring Forward 2022, while “Fo:No” was the winner of the first call for Italian artists for a co-production of the Biennale Danza di Venezia in 2022. Their new production “TERRANOVA I hidden link” just premiered in March 2024 at the Tanzfestival Saar and is touring these days.

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Diego Tortelli & Miria Wurm Jul 5, 2024 – Jul 14, 2024
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