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Performance Spaces Our studios have been designed to overlook the rolling hills of the Monferrato region. All spaces are equipped with state-of-the-art sound systems. As for performance venues, the Open Air Stage provides a stunning panoramic view of the entire valley, while the architectural innovation of The Eye is nestled in the meadow of cherry trees.

To cultivate balance between mind, body, and spirit, all spaces at Orsolina28 have been designed to encourage intimate coexistence with nature without compromising comfort.

The sustainable eco-friendly practices of Orsolina28 are inspired by respect for the environment and nature. We are plastic-free, and only electric transportation is used for travel across the grounds. Our in-house energy is produced by photovoltaics, while purified water runs through all taps and fountains.

The Glamping, with geodesic tents located in the shade of a grove, welcomes students and artists in an atmosphere that invites participation, dialogue and exchange.

The garden is comprised of 4500 square meters, cultivated according to strict principles of organic farming.

Vegetables, traditional and rare herbs, and edible flowers grow on terraces following a seasonal crop rotation, ensuring the best yield of the soil and a harvest of the highest quality.