Adriano Bolognino


Jul 1, 2024 – Jul 7, 2024

Adriano Bolognino's new creation tells the story of Samia Yusuf Omar, the young athlete who died in the waters off Lampedusa while trying to reach Europe to qualify for the Olympics. "Samia" does not stem from a desire to rewrite Omar's life, but rather it is an attempt to remember her and those who, like her, struggle every day to achieve their dreams.

Bolognino brings to the stage six bodies, each different from the other, to represent the ongoing battle for equality, still not achieved, and the freedom that results from self-determination.

The choreography is freely inspired by the book "Don't Tell Me You're Afraid" by Giuseppe Catozzella.

On July 6, "SAMIA" will be presented on Orsolina28's Open Air Stage.

On July 5, Adriano Bolognino will present two previous creations, "Gli Amanti" and "Come Neve," on Orsolina28's Open Air Stage.

Adriano Bolognino

Adriano Bolognino was born in Naples in 1995 and has worked in young companies such as Milano Contemporary Ballet, Valencia Dancing Forward and StudioXL Reggio Emilia, dancing in creations by Wayne McGregor, Marcos Morau, Roberto Altamura/VittoriaBrancadoro, Joan Crespo, Francesco Curci, Natalia Iwaniec, Damian Munoz, Laura Matano, Nicoletta Cabassi. In 2018 he worked with choreographer Jorge Crecis as a dancer and then as an assistant at the University of the Arts in Malta. As a choreographer, in 2019 he created "Your body is a battle ground - trio version" for the EgriBianco company and the creation "Prelude of the soul" for the OCDP training project in Verona. His creations are staged in national and international festivals, festivals and theaters including Biennale Danza, Torino Danza, Festival Aperto, Cross Festival, DanceDaysChania, Artissima, Moving Colors and others. He is one of the artists selected for Crossing the sea and Big Pulse Visiting Artists for the Lyon Biennale 2023.

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Adriano Bolognino Jul 1, 2024 – Jul 7, 2024
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