The School of Orsolina28 takes its ethos in the belief that the study of dance, when well structured, can improve the physical, mental, and emotional development of those who are in the process of building their own identities.

The school By dancing, the child learns to understand his or her own body, and to use it as a means of communication with others. Each student discovers the quality of movement and how it relates to space, time, music, and rhythm, as well as personal and current world issues.

The training proposed by O28 School includes nine courses divided by age, led by expert teachers with international experience.
Lessons include Classical Ballet, Graham technique, and Hip Hop, all in accordance with rigorous standards to ensure safety and to promote a deep balance between mind, body and spirit.

Orsolina28 values the wellbeing not only of young students, but also of their families. During class times at O28, parents can optimize their schedules by attending a variety of wellness activities offered for adults.

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