Focus on Creation

Jul 28, 2024

In his first work since being diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, Jacob Jonas explores the process of healing, from the trauma of the illness to the new beginning, the restart.

The great burial, suicidal thoughts, the death of one’s old self, leading to a non-linear healing, in which narcissism and the sense of community are intertwined: Jonas translates this journey into a movement that is emotional more than physical, bringing the public to their rebirth.


Choreographer: Jacob Jonas

Music: Steve Hackman and Moses Sumney

Dancers: Dancers from Jacob Jonas Company

July 28, 2024 - h 19:30

Open Air Stage

We have chosen to offer the performances for free (reservation required), in line with our values of inclusion and accessibility to culture. We are grateful to those who choose to make a voluntary contribution to support the Foundation's mission.



Guests at the performances of Orsolina28 Art Foundation have the option of staying for dinner in the Serra dei Limoni restaurant, by our partner Bio28.
Restart Jul 28, 2024