Gli amanti & Come neve

Focus on Creation

Jul 5, 2024

"Gli amanti" offers a future for the two lovers of Pompeii, who, since 79 A.D., have been locked in an eternal embrace. With his creation, Adriano Bolognino brings to light this love that not even death could interrupt.

For "Come neve," Bolognino was inspired by the image of snow that children observe from the window, to then create an environment that reflects the sense of community and protection one feels in these moments. Dressing the dancers in crocheted clothing, the choreographer invades the audience with a sudden snowfall of moving bodies. Choreography here is, like crochet, an intricate weave, a conscious weaving that generates new forms.


Choreographer: Adriano Bolognino


  • Rosaria Di Maro
  • Noemi Caricchia
  • Roberta Fanzini

July 5, 2024 - h 19:30

The Eye

We have chosen to offer the performances for free (reservation required), in line with our values of inclusion and accessibility to culture. We are grateful to those who choose to make a voluntary contribution to support the Foundation's mission.



Bar and Restaurant

Before the performance, our guests can enjoy an aperitivo at the theatre, offered by our partner Bio28. They have the option of staying for dinner in Bio28's Serra dei Limoni restaurant (reservation only).
Gli amanti & Come neve Jul 5, 2024