Drew Jacoby

TUÉ by Marco Goecke

Jul 8, 2018

After Whiteout and Spectre de la rose, the Tué solo is the third piece composed by German choreographer Marco Goecke for Les Ballets de Monte Carlo. It was created for ballet dancer Bernice Coppieters on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Les Ballets Russes and was presented in 2009 in honour of Princess Caroline of Monaco.

The solo has been performed at galas all over the world and is now being presented at Orsolina28 during the Vignale Monferrato Festival. French chansonnière Barbara underscores the aesthetics of Goecke's choreographic art with her warm and embracing voice, which envelops the quick, nervous movements of American dancer Drew Jacoby, hence achieving the synthesis of a contrast which is accentuated by the original costumes on stage that were designed by Goecke himself.

Length 10'
The event is part of the Vignale Monferrato Festival 2018