Cherry Notes

Oct 2, 2022

Cherry Notes
Music under the cherry trees.

In collaboration with Unione Musicale.
Artistic direction: Antonio Valentino

Among all art forms, music has the closest relationship with nature. Music is impalpable matter made of frequencies and timbres, of sound waves that disseminate in the air. Nature, on the other hand, has always been a source of inspiration for artists and composers. It is therefore an irresistible call to listen to classical music performed live on a meadow beneath the shade of cherry trees, surrounded by a breathtaking landscape.

Cherry Notes returns this Autumn with four concerts, unique listening experiences with great variety, in the splendid setting of Orsolina28.

Information & prices:
Concerts begin at 11:30 am (duration 50/60 minutes)

Concert Tickets: full price €10 | reduced (under 14) €6

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Tommaso Santini, Eleonora Minerva, Rossella Tucci violin
Giorgia Lenzo viola
Lucia Sacerdoni cello
Matteo Gorrea double bass


Antonio Vivaldi (1678-1741)
Le stagioni, 4 concertos for violin, strings and continuo op. VIII from Il Cimento dell'Armonia e dell’Inventione

Concerto in E major (Spring)
Concerto in G minor (Summer)
Concerto in F major (Autumn)
Concerto in F minor (Winter)

Three hundred years and counting: Vivaldi's Seasons belong to a small circle of "classical" compositions that have become "pop." In the Venetian composer's spectacular invention, the descriptive dimension, in which the voices and sounds of nature take shape at various times of the year, coexists with the most unrestrained, lavish, and sublime Baroque. An authentic modernity has made these pages extraordinarily successful and preserved them in history.