by Layla Ramezan, Vincent Zanetti

Aug 6, 2023
Sunday, August 6, 11.30am


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Layla Ramezan, Vincent Zanetti

Layla Ramezan, piano
Vincent Zanetti, percussions


Layla Ramezan's piano joins Vincent Zanetti's percussion in a mystical quest, a daydream: Scheherazade is an invitation to immerse yourself in the warm desert wind and reach the golden peaks of the Zagros mountains.

IMPROVISATION on Mahoor dastgah
André Hossein: Sorlande Tartar
Béla Bartók: Folksongs
Necil Kazim Akses: Miniatures
Fazil Say: Black Earth
IMPROVVISAZIONE su Ispahan dastgah
Maurice Ravel / Alexander Silott: Kaddisch
Claude Debussy: Pour l’égyptienne
Improvisation on Chargah dastgah
Emanuel Melik-Aslanian: Butterfly
Yannis Constantinidis: Greek Island Dances

Sheherazade is one of the concerts of Cherry Notes 2023 programming, created in collaboration with Unione Musicale, Torino. Artistic direction by Antonio Valentino.

Cherry Notes 2023 programming takes us to the roots of ancient musical traditions placing them in communication with our present.