by Leo Vertunni, Manish Madankar, Valeria Vespaziani

Jul 23, 2023
Sunday, July 23, 11.30am



Price: 5€ - 15€

Leo Vertunni sitar
Manish Madankar tabla
Valeria Vespaziani dance

Leo Vertunni, Manish Madankar, Valeria Vespaziani


Classical music and dance from India

Samanvay is a window onto a distant and fascinating world, that of Indian scenic art, which combines melody, rhythm and dance in a refined, evocative and engaging show.

Ganesha vandana, propitiatory dance
Alaap in Miyan ki Todi
Vilambit gat
Drut gat
Bhairavi thumri, kathak dance

Samanvay is one of the concerts of Cherry Notes 2023 programming, created in collaboration with Unione Musicale, Torino. Artistic direction by Antonio Valentino.

Cherry Notes 2023 programming takes us to the roots of ancient musical traditions placing them in communication with our present.