Rondò in Monferrato

Margherita Berlanda, Maria Grazia Bellocchio, Divertimento Ensemble

Sep 9, 2023
Saturday, September 9, 9.00pm



Price: 1€ - 5€

(our furry friends are welcome at Orsolina28 but unfortunately they are not permitted at our shows)

Rondò in Monferrato

Divertimento Ensemble
Conductors selected from the XIX Corso di direzione d'orchestra dedicato al repertorio per ensemble dal primo '900 ad oggi

Margherita Barlandia accordion
Maria Grazia Bellocchio piano

Mikel Urquiza (1988): Tiramisù for accordion and ensemble
George Benjamin (1960): At first light for ensemble
György Ligeti (1923-2006): Concert for piano and ensemble

Rondò in Monferrato

In collaboration with Divertimento Ensemble.
Artistic Direction: Sandro Gorli

For the third consecutive year, Rondò in Monferrato, a collection of solo and ensemble concerts of contemporary classical music, returns to Orsolina28. From Saturday, August 26 to Saturday, September 9, seven concerts will be hosted in The Eye at Orsolina28, including the season’s opening concert and one of the two closing concerts. The doors of Orsolina28, a unique place where dancers and choreographers find ideal conditions to work peacefully in contact with nature, will open to host the composition and conducting students from the International Divertimento Ensemble Academy, studying here for two weeks, and a concert program with music ranging from Britten to Šsostakovič, Berio, Bartók, Gervasoni and Urquiza, as well as contemporary composers.