Rising of a Star

by Delirium Amoris Ensemble

May 14, 2023
Sunday, May 14, 11.30am



Delirium Amoris Ensemble

Masashi Tomosugi bass - bariton
Stefano Gerard, Veronica Berardi violins
Francesca Camagni viola
Federico Immesi cello
Anna Cortini harpsichord

Rising of a Star

Music by Nicola Porpora

The curtain rises: on stage one of the most famous singers of the eighteenth century, the bass Antonio Montagnana, a true star acclaimed by the greatest theaters of the time.

Nicola Porpora
- Sinfonia from Mitridate
- Chamber Symphony No. 4 in C major op. 2
- Arias from Mitridate, Siface, Poro

Rising of a Star is one of the concerts of Cherry Notes 2023 programming, created in collaboration with Unione Musicale, Torino. Artistic direction by Antonio Valentino.

Cherry Notes 2023 programming takes us to the roots of ancient musical traditions placing them in communication with our present.