Guest Artists & Student Open Sharing

Focus on Creation

Jul 16, 2022

Orsolina28 Art Foundation's summer festival dedicated to emerging talents in contemporary dance returns to the Open Air Stage.
Young international artists will bring to the stage notes of their new choreographic works to share with the audience of Focus on Creation in absolute preview.

Free admission | Performances begin at 19:30

Guest Artists & Student Open Sharing

Guest Artists & Student Open Sharing - Danae & Dionysios, and students of the NUNES/FLOCK Creation Program (led by Juliano Nunes, Alice Klock and Florian Lochner)

The program begins with guest artists Danae & Dionysios performing Omen of Fárisa, a duet created for outdoor spaces in the context of the “Pilgrims” umbrella. The work follows two characters’ need for connection and contact as they remain constantly in close intimacy. It is inspired by the notion of pilgrimage as a simulation of a journey through life, animals, and natural landscapes. How can two separate trajectories meet and travel together? How can relationships interact and support each other? How can the hierarchy of humans and animals be broken?

To close the evening, NUNES/FLOCK Creation Program students will present an original work following their intensive with Juliano Nunes, Alice Klock, and Florian Lochner. In this one-week workshop, Juliano Nunes concentrates on the creative process, diving into pushing the boundaries of fusing classical ballet and contemporary dance. A new creation will emerge, serving as a path for dancers to discover their capabilities, focusing on rhythm, partnering, and group work. FLOCK dancer/choreographer duo Alice Klock and Florian Lochner focus on trust, communication, and the possibilities unlocked through equal partnership. FLOCK uses their unique approach to non-binary partnering to guide each dancer into new ways of understanding contact and their own physicality within the context of connection. Each participating artist is not asked to fit into a mold, but rather to fully express and explore their personal artistry and craft.

Guest Artists & Student Open Sharing Jul 16, 2022
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