by Raiz & Radicanto

May 28, 2023
Sunday, May 28, 11.30am



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Raiz & Radicanto

Raiz, singing
Giuseppe De Trizio, classic guitar
Adolfo La Volpe, oud, electric guitar
Francesco De Palma, cajon, frame drums, tar, riqq


Sephardi and various authors musics

"Neshama" from the Hebrew "soul" is the sea, a place without borders where life stories take shape when the voice of Raiz - the historical leader of the band Almamegretta - meets the Mediterranean rhythms and atmospheres of the Radicanto ensemble.

TRADIZIONAL SEPHARDI: Moshe Salyo de Misraym - Mi pudra - La rosa enflorece
Maroum/Masias: Ygdal/Marlen
TRADIZIONAL: Ysmah Hatani - Ki eshmera shabbat
Polcari/Della Volpe: Astrigneme/Shir hashirim
Polcari/Facchielli/Della Volpe/Tesone/Minieri: Respiro
Polcari/Facchielli/Della Volpe/Tesone/Mantice: Nun te scurdà
Polcari/Facchielli/Della Volpe/Tesone: Catene
Della Volpe: Rev Rav
Seydou: Jerusalem
Bruni/Palomba: Carmela
Mazzocco/Martucci: Indifferentemente

Neshama is one of the concerts of Cherry Notes 2023 programming, created in collaboration with Unione Musicale, Torino. Artistic direction by Antonio Valentino.

Cherry Notes 2023 programming takes us to the roots of ancient musical traditions placing them in communication with our present.