Jul 8, 2018

Co/scienze, the most recent piece by dancer and choreographer Laccio, is the story of achieving self-awareness, of the actions we perform and of the aims that precede them.

This kind of awareness destabilises and upsets us to the point of driving us to doubt others and our bond with them. Union does exist, but it is continually being put to the test. Compared to his previous Cre/Azione piece, here the company of stage performers is more mature since the dancers are no longer driven by instinct but by their awareness.

The Laccioland Company was created in 2012 as a new experiment for the analysis and original development of urban dances.
The starting point of the Company’s work is the purity of the hip hop technique, but the point of arrival is turned upside down: a new language, modelled over time on the experience of Laccio's body, is pursued and found.

Length 25'
The event is part of the Vignale Monferrato Festival 2018