Juliano Nunes


Jul 8, 2018

This double creation by young Juliano Nunes, a dancer at the Royal Ballet of Flanders, in Belgium, is inspired by classical music and in particular by creations for the piano, an instrument that, as he says, "speaks directly to his creative part".

Back forward back tells of a journey back in time, repeatedly, on the same day, a step back into the unknown.
It is followed by Conductor Imagination, his attempt to identify with an orchestra conductor.
Were the conductor a dancer, how would he transpose the language of music into dance? Hence, this Brazilian artist, who has worked with Ohad Naharin, Jiří Kylián and Hans van Manen, dances in an attempt to find a reliable way to translate music into dance, while also trying to keep the two arts closely linked, even in terms of the images they convey to their audiences.

Length 15'
The event is part of the Vignale Monferrato Festival 2018