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Cherry Notes

Jul 17, 2022

Cherry Notes
Music under the cherry trees.

In collaboration with Unione Musicale. Artistic direction: Antonio Valentino

Among all art forms, music has the closest relationship with nature. Music is impalpable matter made of frequencies and timbres, of sound waves that disseminate in the air. Nature, on the other hand, has always been a source of inspiration for artists and composers.
It is an irresistible call, therefore, to listen to classical music performed live on a lawn beneath the shade of cherry trees, surrounded by a breathtaking landscape.
Eight concerts, unique listening experiences with great variety, in the splendid setting of Orsolina28.

Informations & prices:
Concerts begin at 11:30 am (duration 50/60 minutes)

Concert Tickets: full price €10 | reduced (under 14) €6


Le Fil Rouge
Laura Capretti
Tommaso Santini violin Morgen Piano Trio
Lucia Sacerdoni cello
Edoardo Momo piano
Francesco Parodi percussion

Music by Carlos Di Sarli, Susana Baca, Astor Piazzolla, Victor Jara, Jacques Brel, Carlos Gardel, Ariel Ramirez, Anibal Troilo, Federico Mompou

Le Fil Rouge is a musical project born in 2021 from the meeting, in the common background of the city of Turin, of five musicians united by the desire to try to create an original and transversal sound path.
The idea is to develop an imaginary journey in popular music, both in its most indigenous and visceral form and in the more refined and cultured one.
If it is in the manifestation and performance that popular music lives, Le fil rouge weaves its character on paper and staff thanks to the help, as far as the arrangements are concerned, of Massimo Pitzianti, bandoneonist and accordionist who better than anyone else sums up the interpenetration between cultured music and popular tradition, of renowned musicians and chamber musicians such as Antonio Valentino, and of very young talents coming from the composition classes of the Conservatory of Turin.
The journey begins with the creation of a sound: everything comes to life from the piano, a multifaceted instrument capable of "becoming something else", which, merging with the sound mixture of the two strings and the rhythmic liveliness of the percussions, provides the basis for the vocal line from which the linguistic roots and affection of the various pieces will unfold.
In a fluid path, devoid of intellectual, abstract or fictional ambitions, Le Fil Rouge intends to return the most authentic meaning of each piece, that disruptive and pulsating force that unites different authors, places and traditions; that red thread that, though alone, keeps us united since the mists of time.
The ensemble won the competition "Musica da camera in jeans" proposed by the Associazione Sistema Musica and had the opportunity to perform at the Conservatory of Turin and for the review "Metamorfosi" at the Reggia di Venaria.