Jacob Jonas World Première - "Mind Cry" + "Restart"

Focus On Creation

Jun 24, 2023
Saturday, June 24, 7.30 pm

Show @OpenAirStage

Free admission
Parking B
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Show @OpenAirStage + Dinner

Free admission
Parking A
The Open Air Stage bar opens 2 hours before the show

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Jacob Jonas World Première

Jacob Jonas

Jacob Jonas will present two creations inspired by the environment at Orsolina28. The choreographer will use it as a blank canvas and really take in the nature and spaces to create.

"Mind Cry" + "Restart"

Dancers: Jill Wilson, Emma Rosenzweig-Bock, Layne Paradis Willis, Isabella Caso, Taylor Lopez, Liz Lage, James "JSTYLZ" Blackstone, Chadwick Gaspard, Dawvyn Winters

Choreographer: Jacob Jonas

Jacob Jonas is a director, choreographer, photographer and Creative Director of Jacob Jonas The Company. His work has reached international audiences, with a mission to make the medium of dance more visible and valued. Jonas’ collaborators include Kanye West, Sia, Rosalía, and Elton John among others. His choreography has been presented at the Kennedy Center, Hollywood Bowl, and Lincoln Center. He has worked with brands including Apple, Gap, James Perse, and Sony and partnered with museums including Metropolitan Museum of Art, Getty Museum, Swiss National Museum, and Whitney Museum. Jacob is based in Santa Monica, CA and founded his company in 2014.

Jacob Jonas the company (JJTC) is a creative company that intersects dance across mediums to make original works and initiates nontraditional collaborations. JJTC consists of choreographers, makers, creative thinkers, cultural researchers, educators, futurists, activists, and administrators. Our work engages diverse and untapped populations, increasing the visibility of dance as an art form in Los Angeles and globally through live performance and media landscapes. JJTC collaborates worldwide with practitioners, institutions, scientists, and technologists to support ambition and invention across artistic fields. JJTC represents and manages artists to help push forward their talents for a wide range of projects. The company hosts community events, educational classes and workshops in order to further deepen our relationships and intellectual exchanges with people around the globe.