Enchantment of a dancing... sunset!

Gala Night Moncalvo in Danza

Jul 8, 2023
Saturday, July 8, 7.30 pm

Show @OpenAirStage

Free admission
Parking B
The Open Air Stage bar opens 2 hours before the show


Show @OpenAirStage + Dinner

Free admission
Parking A
Support Orsolina28 Art Foundation’s non profit artistic programming by purchasing dinner with the dancers in our Greenhouse at 9.00 pm (Price: 45€ per person)


(our furry friends are welcome at Orsolina28 but unfortunately they are not permitted at our shows)

Dancing... at the Sunset

Moncalvo in Danza

An evening of elegance and virtuosity; an extraordinary journey through the emotions, art and poetry of dance. The immortal steps, the result of the study of perfect and sublime techniques, will be a unique opportunity to experience the magical, exquisite and unquestionable elegance of classical and contemporary dance.

Art Director: Nico Benedetti

Stage activities coordinator: Piero Martelletta

Dancers:the kids from Moncalvo in Danza Summer Camp