Compagnia Zappalà danza


Jul 5, 2017

Site-specific performance from the project "Nella città, la danza" by Roberto Zappalà and Nello Calabrò Roberto Zappalà's creation "Lava Bubbles" is a part of the "Nella Città" project concept, a form of dance that has the aim of making the performance interact with its surrounding territory.

What emerges from the performance is the sense of an inextricable relationship between an art form and the location in which it is performed, between the bodies of the dancers and the body of the city and its inhabitants, both spectators and co-performers of the work. The bubbles in the title were evoked in the author while thinking about Mount Etna, bubbles of daily life that flow along, burst and are reborn in the same sort of relationship the audience has with the dance performance, forming the many short-circuits and paradoxes that together make up the portrait of a city.

The event is part of the 2017 Vignale Monferrato Festival