Compagnia Sharon Fridman


Jul 13, 2016


This duet is based on the contact technique and explores the feelings induced by the lack of love, the sensations one experiences when facing chaos. The piece is supported by effective, melancholic music. Hasta Donde ...? explores the limits of physical manipulation between two bodies and how they can be used to try to break down walls. Followed by

CAÍDA LIBRE (excerpt)

Sharon Fridman shifts her gaze to the concept of survival. While observing a group of people, she asks herself questions about their nature, about how and what drives a community to form, about how collective identity can be undermined by a single rebel; but above all she explores what keeps it together: what leads to the need to provide physical and emotional support to an individual who falls and then rises?

The event is part of the 2016 Vignale Monferrato Festival