by Ohad Naharin

May 31, 2023
Wednesday, May 31

first show at 6.00 pm @TheEye

second show at 8.00 pm @TheEye

Parking A

snack at the Glamping from 4.00 pmfor the first show

cocktail in our tea Greenhouse at 6.00 pm for the second show


The Batsheva Ensemble

Performed by The Batsheva Ensemble season 2022-2023
Gili Yaniv Amodai, Adi Blumenreich, Maya Botzer Simhon, Emil Brukman, Holden Cole, Lounes Landri, Bo Matthews, Mermoz Melchior, Roni Milatin, Kylie Miller, Dor Nahum, Sofiia Pikalova, Adi Schwarz, Ido Toledano, Naomi Turnpo, Annika Verplancke - Apprentices: Mika Goren, Niv Kabiri, Ori Mbazbaz, Leann Reizer

Music: Lou Reed, Ogurusu Norihide, Neina, Yapoos, Gas (Wolfgang Voigt), Flower Companyz, Laroz, Bobby Freeman, Donnacha Costello, Fencing Mania with Masaaki Kikuchi, Roletta Secohan, Roberto Pregadio, Pan Sonic, Beethoven, Steve Reich, Boss Phobie, Morton Stevens

World Premiere: July 2003, Tichon Hadash, Tel-Aviv

Kamuyot by Ohad Naharin

The Batsheva Ensemble

"At certain moments, the dancers sit on the benches together with the spectators. At other moments, they are leaping in, into the arena. There are moments when traffic stops... there are moments of explosion". (Noa Limone, Haaretz)

Kamuyot touches on the mischievous, free, and playful places in all kids – whether they are 5 or 80 years old. At the heart of the show stands a simple invitation – to dance. Breaking away from the traditional theater hall, the show also liberates the audience. A hand’s reach from the dancers, over 50 minutes with no clear boundaries, connections are weaved between the dancers and the audience, formulating a language that seems like it has always been there. An inspiring and moving experience that allows the audience “to be with” dance and not only watch it.

Created for Batsheva Dance Company inspired by Ohad Naharin’s “Mamootot” and “Moshe”.

Ohad Naharin is situated at the forefront of the international dance scene. After performing with Batsheva Dance Company and the troupes of Martha Graham and Maurice Béjart, Naharin embarked on his choreographic career in 1980. His works have been staged on companies around the globe, and in 2018, Naharin assumed the role of Batsheva’s House Choreographer. As artistic director of Batsheva from 1990-2018, he guided the company with an adventurous artistic vision and reinvigorated its repertory with his captivating choreography. Naharin’s work was chronicled in Tomer Heymann’s documentary, Mr. Gaga (2015).

Parallel to his work as a choreographer and artistic director, Naharin has developed Gaga, an innovative and constantly evolving movement language that is available to both dancers and non-dancers. Gaga originated from Naharin’s need to communicate with his dancers and his curiosity in the ongoing research of movement. Gaga has revolutionized Batsheva’s training, enriched dancers’ interpretation of Naharin’s repertory, and emerged as a growing force in the larger field of movement practices worldwide.