Adriana Borriello and Gilda Buttà


Jul 15, 2018

"She, the musician, embodies the audible - invisible.
I, the dancer, play the visible - inaudible.”

An actual concert with only two instruments on stage: a piano and a body. An interpretation of two of Bach's Goldberg Variations: architectural perfection, the expression of the simplicity and complexity of existence, the revelation of "invisible" connections between all things, multiplicity and unity.

The audience can yield to being "touched" by the two bodies on stage, that of the pianist, in the act of playing and that of the dancer, in the act of dancing. It can empathically participate in the dialogue between these two different ways of absorbing music. The piece grew out of the casual encounter between Adriana Borriello, a dancer, teacher and choreographer from Avellino, as well as one of the founders of Rosas, Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker’s Belgian group, and Gilda Buttà, an established pianist, teacher and "live" collaborator of Bacalov, Piovani and many others. Together, the two women have written their variations on one of the monuments of classical music.

Length 60'
The event is part of the Vignale Monferrato Festival 2018