2019 by Ohad Naharin


Jun 18 – Jun 19, 2022

International premiere of 2019, Ohad Naharin's latest creation for Batsheva Dance Company.

In collaboration with Teatro Stabile di Torino - Teatro Nazionale and Torinodanza festival

Orsolina28 Art Foundation was pleased to present the European premiere of Ohad Naharin's 2019 on June 18th and 19th, 2022 in Moncalvo, Italy, for the inauguration of The EYE, an original architectural space designed by Orsolina28 Art Foundation in collaboration with Ohad Naharin.

2019 is “homegrown.” The image of its place and its time, encompassing languages, bodies, sounds, local folklore, and nationalism duplicated and replicated throughout our lives; it touches the baggage held in the body and dives into culture’s repertoire of movement.

The space is a space of hospitality. And so, as we look at what is happening, we are also looking at one another. At any given moment, someone returns our gaze. The piece takes place in such close proximity, that it eventually overflows and finds comfort in our lap, forcing us to acknowledge a shared fate and to shoulder the physical and mental burden together.

Naharin’s stage weaves a thread of non-chronological history, populated by bodies whose movement inspires a certain sense of nostalgia. They move back and forth, proudly displaying local myths, intertwining joy and effort with pathos-filled intensity, and then slow down, sometimes to a complete halt, withdrawing to inconsolable sorrow.

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75 Minutes without intermission
Performed by dancers of the Batsheva Dance Company
  • Lighting Design: Avi Yona Bueno (Bambi)
  • Costume Design, styling: Eri Nakamura
  • Stage and Set Design: Gadi Tzachor
  • Soundtrack Design and Original Music: Maxim Waratt
  • Sound Design: David (Dudi) Bell
  • Musical Advisor, Mastering: Nadav Barnea
  • Assistant to Ohad Naharin and Eri Nakamura: Ariel Cohen
  • Music: "Card Games" by Iarmi Kadoshi performed by Moshe Cohen, "Locust Star" by Neurosis, "Boukyou" by Hako Yamasaki, "Hine ma tov umanaim" Psalms/Moshe Yakobson, "Bashana Haba`a" – Ehud Manor/Nurit Hirsh, "Ana le Habibi" by Rahbani Brothers/Fairuz, "Saikai" by Hako Yamasaki, "Maqlooba" by V.F.M. style, "You, Me and the Next War" - Hanoch Levin/Maxim Waratt, "LaKova Sheli" – folk song, "Caspian" By Asadi.
  • Accordion: Uzi Rosenblat
  • Cello: Noa Ayali
  • Director of Sound: David (Dudi) Bell
  • Jewelry Design: Liron Etzion, Keren Wolf
  • Acknowledgments: Roni Azgad, Lillian Barreto, Zach Bar, Deaf Chunky, Michal Helfman, Wael Kubtan, Neta Lee Levi, Gil Markovich, Orly Morag, Avi Pitchon
In collaboration with Teatro Stabile di Torino - Teatro Nazionale and Torinodanza festival
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