World Pilates Day

Tribute to Joseph Pilates

May 6, 2023

For the World Pilates Day, Orsolina28 pays a tribute to the inventor of this method, Joseph Pilates.

140 years from the birth of its creator, the method is used around the world counting thousands of aficionados who practice it because of the countless healthcare benefits.

The event will be enriched by the presence of many professional figures who alongside with pilates enthusiasts will enjoy a day dedicated to training and the discovery of this method in a unique location.


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Guests at Orsolina28

Laura Lucchino was born in Cuneo in 1973, she grew up in the sport world approaching rhythmic gymnastics. She practiced the discipline at the high level until 1994 accomplishing great results also at the international level. In 1977, she followed her great passion obtaining a Bachelor's degree at ISEF in Turin. She trained the rhythmic gymnastics team of Cuneoginnastica until 2003.

From 1991 to 2006, Laura was also a teacher of rhythmic and artistic gymnastics alongside being a coach of sport aerobics. She was also a regional and national judge of aerobic gymnastics for the Italian Gymnastics Federation.

Laura also taught physical education in the schools of Cuneo and Mondovì. She collaborated with gym in Cuneo and Fossano where she taught multiple disciplines. In 2006, she encountered Pilates and decide to dedicate herself entirely to the development and teaching of such discipline.In 2009 she passed the exam of Covatech in Milan obtaining the Covatech Teacher official certification.

Laura continued her professional development through the method Balanced Body. In 2010, she inaugurated her personal pilates studio,Boulegàn, in the Cuneo city center.From 2014, she collaborated with the osteopath and physiotherapist Claudio Zimaglia contributing to the development of pilates courses designed specifically for athletes. Since 2013, she is a certified GYROTONIC ® Trainer, certification obtained by the official International Headquarters in Pennsylvania,USA.

Certified Ground Force Method ® instructor

Certified TACFIT ® Trainer

After a master degree in neurophysiology of training, she became Human Movement Optimization Trainer at 4move academy in Florence. In 2020, she obtained the YOGABODY ® Breathing Coach certification. in 2021, following her desire of promoting outdoor activities, she graduated as "Accompagnatore Cicloturistico" from Regione Piemonte.

Balanced Body® Pilates Educator - Blackroll® Master Trainer

After discovering her passion for ballet, Elisa tries different dance styles like jazz, hip hop, and afro dance. Elisa studied with several choreographers both in Italy and abroad. After a period of development, Elisa establishes herself as a choreographer and teacher collaborating with multiple dance schools in Milan, Bergamo, Brescia, Bologna, Padova, and Zurigo.

After her Bachelor's degree in political science at Università di Padova, Elisa moves to Milan where she develops her passion for pilates. Once she verified the efficiency and the pleasure of practicing it, in 2008 she embarks in a professional development journey graduating from Covatech Pilates School in which she was able to work closely with A.M.Cova and attended all the courses offered by the school. In 2011, Elisa inaugurates her own studio, IdeaPilates, In Vicenza (VI). Elisa enters the Italian pilates scenes through daily Pilates courses and the studio becomes the stage for international guests such as Hari Berkowitz, Elizabeth Larkam, Valentin, Daniel Vladeta, ecc. offering workshop design for Pilates teachers. Meanwhile, Elisa is constantly seeking new challenges by attending international course to develop her competences especially on mio-fiscale and Balanced Body courses( in which she will participate as a translator alongside the main American teachers).

Over the years, she participates as a teacher and translator to several editions of the Riminiwellness fair and the Pilates on tour Venice. She also worked as a caption specialist for the DVD "A movement of movement", a movie directed by Mark Pedri on the story of Joe Pilates. In 2021, she worked on the project connected to the italian traslation of "Caged Lion"of J.H.Steel. Moreover, in 2017 she became Master Trainer for Balance Body and designs their professional development manuals. Nowadays, she dedicates to the development of young teachers and coaches through lessons, seminars, and events.

Balanced Body® Principal Pilates Educator
PMA® National Certified Pilates Teacher
Blackroll® Master Trainer
Oov® Educator
Anatomy in 3D® Teacher
SmartspineTM Ambassador

Pilates teacher with PMA®-NCPT certification, Roberto started his education with Serafino Ambrosio and Polestar® between Rome and Milan, afterwards he decides to move abroad to expand his personal growth in London with Alan Herdman and in Los Angeles with Marie-José Blom. After years of experience as a mentor at Polestar®, Roberto decides to proceed his teacher/mentor career with Balanced Body® reaching the position of Principal Educator for the Pilates courses and Teacher for the 3D Anatomy course. Roberto initiates a collaboration with Daniel Vladeta, founder of Oov®. Roberto embraces a double role as an Educator and contributes to the dance program creation. Roberto is also a GYROKINESIS® e GYROTONIC® certified teacher with Silvia Frosali in Florence.

Through his work experience, Roberto has the chance in the dance world, alongside teacher and physiotherapists of prestigious companies (Royal Ballet, ENB, NYCB, ABT,Birmingham Ballet, Houston Ballet, Bayerische Staatsballett, Long Beach Ballet, Martha Graham Company, Cirque du Solei e altri). He has the chance to work with professianal members of the staff and the dancers themselves.

As a Master trainer a Blackroll®, Roberto works on promoting the project Blackroll4dance by developing training programs and protocols designed for dancers. Roberto is keen to professional development by spending most of year travelling around Italy and the world while collaborating with websites and magazines related to the fitness and wellness world. Nowadays , Roberto works as a techer and fitness coach of GYROTONIC® at the professional Dance School Il Balletto® of Castelfranco Veneto under the direction of Susanna Plaino.

Guest teachers will flank Ilaria Loria and Erica Rampone, our residential teachers at Orsolina28. The program will include multiple lessons interchanging body-weight and equipment-based excercises with "knowlwdge pills" aimed to discover some of Pilates cornerstones.



9.30-10.30 am - MAT Pilates welcome class | Ilaria Loria, Erica Rampone

Group lesson @Open Air Stage

11.00-12.00 am - Foraging & botany | Umberto Bonifacino

Orchards and greenhouses experience

Option A

12.30-1.30 pm -MAT Pilates | Laura Lucchino

Focus Tone Ball @Studio Serra

Option B

12.30-13.30 pm - MAT Pilates | Elisa Pavan

Focus Core Stability @Studio Ailey

Option C

12.30-13.30 pm - Relax Time

01.30-03.00 pm - LUNCH

03.00-04.00 pm - The Joseph Pilates method | Roberto Cerini

“Caged Lion” e “Return to Life”

Option A

04.00-05.00 pm - MAT Pilates | Roberto Cerini

Focus “Contrology”

Option B

04.00-05.00 pm - GRAVITY Pilates | Erica Rampone

The principles of resistance and assistance applied to Pilates

Option C

04.00-05.00 pm - Relax Time

Option A

05.30-06.30 pm - MAT Pilates | Erica Rampone

Focus Foam Roller @Studio Ailey

Option B 05.30-06.30 pm - GRAVITY Pilates | Ilaria Loria

Stretching and cool down
Option C

05.30-06.30 pm - Relax Time

06.30-07.00 pm - Conclusion and questions

FAQ and conversation

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