International Day of Yoga

108 Sun Salutation

Jun 21, 2023

On June 21st Orsolina28 celebrates the summer solstice during the International Day of Yoga through the 108 Sun Salutation on the Open Air Stage. This collective event unifies all the yogi communities around the world as a tribute to the light of life.

108 are the names of Hindu deities, which are named by counting the 108 grains of Mala and chanting mantras. 108 is the number that symbolizes the union of Shiva and Shakti: female energy meeting male energy in the creation of the world.

The practice of 108 Sun Salutations is a powerful tool: as the body begins to get into rhythm and one sun salutation follows another, the mind loses itself in the rhythm and a state of moving meditation begins that stimulates transformation, brings peace, and increases respect and understanding.

The experience is free, alongside the guided activity led by our residential yoga instructor and the guest teachers, Orsolina28 will provide breakfast in the Lemon tree Greenhouse

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During the morning it will be possible to participate, with prior reservation, in other activities for mental and physical well-being routinely organized by Orsolina28: Gravity, Pilates and horticulture classes taught by our resident teachers.

For information about this experience and to find out how to sign up for other activities offered by Orsolina28, contact Elisabeth Reichsigl, our yoga teacher.

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5.00 am - Arrive at Orsolina28

5.30 am - Sun Salutation on the Open Air Stage

7.00 am - Breakfast in the Lemon Tree Greenhouse

Three guest teachers will flank Elisabeth Reichsigl,our residential teacher at Orsolina28, during the 108 Sun Salutations in which the participants will be led through a process of revival during the summer solstice.

Guests at Orsolina28

Antonella Scagliotti encounters Ashtanga Yoga in the '90, a passion that has not abdoned her ever since.

After the initial studying of Integral Yoga, in 2015 she meets the master Walter Thirak Ruta and starts a learning process aimed to become a promoter of Hatha Yoga following the principles of Sri Sri Sri Satcidananda, the silet Yogi of Madras.

Antonella was certified in teaching Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga in Mysore, India. She continues to study and practice Yoga participating to learning trips both in Italy and India. Since 2022 she held certified training courses for Yoga teachers.

Claudia Cane encountered Yoga when she was 20. After many years of practicing classic and contemporary dance, she initiated the research of another discipline based on movement. After years of practice, experimenting different styles, she undertook the teacher career becaming an official yoga coach for Yoga Alliance in 2017. In 2020 she founded Natural yoga Academy alongside with her partner Sonia Pippinato. Claudia proposes an unconvential approach to Yoga based on the listening of Nature energy and its cycles offering a program aligned with the seasons and the lunar cycles. Claudia is also a E RYT 500, RPYT (prenatal) instructor, and she taught multiple courses of Kids yoga, Yin,Restorative, Rocket, Anusara, Pre e Post parto, Silky yoga, Mythic Flow.

Sonia Pippinato practiced Yoga for the last fifteen years. She became certified RYT500 e RYPT yoga teacher ten years ago. Sonia keeps updating her expertise between India and Italy, she is a student and a fervent aficionado of the marvelous ecosytem mind-body-spirit. In 2018 Sonia becomes an author for Red! from which the famous method Natural Yoga Flow® was born, an unconventional approach to the discipline that follows the cycles and the energy of nature designing a program aligned with current seasons and lunar phases.In 2020, alongside her partner Claudia Cane, she founded Natural Yoga Academy. Sonia teaches in multiple cities such as Milano, Castellanza (VA), Legnano (MI), Rovello Porro (CO) and online.