Wellness Experience

Mar 4, 2023

From 8.00 am till late afternoon, outdoor and studio activities will alternate to reinvigorate body and mind.

Barre Workout, Pilates Matwork, Gravity, Yoga (dynamic Vinyasa, relaxing Yin, static Hatha), stretching, educational visits to the tropical greenhouse, horticulture and biodiversity lessons and a Foraging Walk to discover the wild edible herbs growing on our hills.

To complete the offere: a Km 0 lunch with products from our organic garden.


€130 (10% discount for students enrolled in the O28 school)


08.00-09.00 am - Vinyasa Yoga (dynamic)
09.00-10.00 am - Yin Yoga (relaxing), Pilates Matwork, Gravity
10.00-11.00 am - Barre Workout, Gravity, Tropical Greenhouse and Horticulture
11.00 am -12.00 pm - Hatha Yoga (static), Gravity, Foraging Walk
12.00-01.00 pm - Pilates Matwork (soft ball)
01.00-03.00 pm - Km0 Lunch
03.00-04.00 pm - Foraging Walk
04.00-05.00 pm - Gravity, Pilates Matwork (foam roller)
05.00-06.00 pm - Yin Yoga (relaxing), Gravity (relaxing), Streching
06.00-07.00 pm - Nidra Yoga (meditative)

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