A look into Orsolina28’s green

a full day at Orsolina28 between botanics and movement

Sep 30, 2023

A look into Orsolina28’s green A full day to discover and rediscover: nature as a teaching tool.

A program of classes designed to highlight the natural and cultural resources of the area through a new understanding of ourselves and the nature around us.

Classes in organic horticulture, as well as sessions dedicated to discovering the green surrounding Orsolina28 and its attentions and innovations in environmental sustainability, will alternate with classes dedicated to tasting herbal teas made from our plants, and pilates classes, in line with a holistic vision that is based on the awareness that human health and the health of the ecosystem are inextricably linked.

Orsolina28's program of classes and practical sessions dedicated to the green will be taught by Dr. Umberto Bonifacino, Orsolina28's resident agronomist.

In collaboration with: Sguardo Nel Verde


Saturday, September 30th

10:00 am - Check-in

10:30/11:30 am - Foraging
11:30/12:30 am - In the Garden of O28: a practical course in organic horticulture
1:00/2:30 pm - Lunch

2:30/3:30 pm - Guided tour to O28' Tropical Greenhouse

3:30/4:30 pm - Saving water: The water cycle of O28
4:30/5:30 pm - From our kitchen: The plants for herbal teas and infusions // The Mouvement: Soft Pilates class
6:00 pm - Check-out
Food formula

The proposed menus harmonize the simplicity of the fresh recipes and nutrients from the garden, offering am eating experience free of direct and indirect pollution based on our “Garden to Table” service. Guests are frequently invited to design their menus themselves with the harvest collected during the horticulture classes.

The recipes are inspired by rustic wisdom, the imagination of the territory, and the satisfaction of taste. Our vegetables play the starring role, complemented by the chef's proposal of the day. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are served in the large Lemon Greenhouse, which houses the Orsolina28 restaurant.

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