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Breath (pranayama), positions (asana), withdrawal of the senses (dharana), meditation (dhyana), bliss (samadhi) are the basic principles of Yoga.
Lessons take place over the course of an hour by becoming aware of the body, breath and mind. Follows a phase of preparation for the asanas and of heating. After the asanas, the real heart of the lesson, we finish with a phase of relaxation, essential for absorbing the benefits of the practice on the
body, mind and spirit.
Asanas stimulate our muscles, strengthen, tone, lengthen; they stimulate and balance all systems of the body; they improve, in those who practice, both physical and mental aspects, such as flexibility, coordination, strength, balance, concentration, calm...
The Yoga path proposed by Orsolina28 includes, for now, 2 courses divided by dynamism. Lessons can be static, relaxing and passive, dynamic and meditative. They all stimulate a
deep balance between mind, body and spirit.

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GRAVITYⓇ Training System with Total Gym ELEVATE Encompass™line

The key principle of this machine with infinite potential is the use of gravity to develop effective and safe workouts. Lessons utilize one’s natural bodyweight without overloading the spine nor the joints, thus helping to improve mobility and fitness while preventing injuries. Alternating between strength, flexibility, balance, coordination, and control exercises, the practice offers a specific, motivating, and enjoyable training, ideal for dancers, athletes, and anyone simply wanting to train, stay fit, and increase their bodies’ physical abilities safely.

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Pilates Matwork

Pilates Matwork exercises involve the entire body, maintaining tone and elasticity, with a comprehensive program that focuses on postural muscles. Group courses are made effective and fun by a wide variety of exercises with gradual levels of difficulty.

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“High Intensity Interval Training” - HIIT alternates periods of short, intense anaerobic exercise with periods of active recovery through less intense aerobic activity, consecutively on the same exercise. It is the perfect activity for those who want to maintain their cardiovascular training and for those seeking a challenging lesson. In light of how this course was born, it will be possible to participate in lessons face-to-face or remotely.

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Barre Workout

A training program inspired by the ballet barre which, blending elements derived from pilates and fitness, incorporates alignments and fundamental principles. It is a global work of medium intensity, not strenuous, but suitable for increasing the metabolism, while respecting the functionality of the body. The exercise syllabus of this workout improves posture by acting on the core and deep muscles, improves joint mobility and flexibility, and tones the whole body, especially the abdomen, buttocks and legs, without neglecting the arms. A complete, fun, and suitable program for everyone.

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GRAVITY® Teacher Training

GRAVITYⓇ Teacher Training is a certification course recognized in 85 countries worldwide, dedicated to all fitness professionals who want to acquire practical and theoretical knowledge of the Total Gym GRAVITY® Training System and the ELEVATE Encompass™ machine. Orsolina28, which over the years has become a reference center for GRAVITYⓇ, offers certification programs for new teachers.

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