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Gravity Teacher Training

The method Orsolina28, which over the years has become a reference center for GRAVITY®, offers certification programs for new teachers.

GRAVITYⓇ Teacher Training is a certification course recognized in 85 countries worldwide, dedicated to all fitness professionals who want to acquire practical and theoretical knowledge of the Total Gym GRAVITY Training System and the ELEVATE Encompass™ machine.


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GRAVITYⓇ Foundation

The course includes the study of a vast library of over 120 exercises and variations on the Total Gym Elevate Encompass™. The training systems provide functional movement patterns, useful to increase balance, coordination, flexibility, joint mobility, power, and endurance. The course participants will be involved in the process of creating programs that can be customized according to the skills and needs of their clients. Course program includes work protocols for one-on-one, semi-private, and multi-client personal training sessions, representing unparalleled training in terms of efficiency, variety, and client motivation.

GRAVITYⓇ Pilates Reformat Evolved

The aim of this course is to understand the Total Gym ELEVATE Encompass™ equipment, the accessories for the development of Pilates technique and applied terminology, to learn the basic principles of Gravity Pilates, and to practice the exercises in the library of GRAVITYⓇ Pilates Reformat Evolved. Participants will comprehend the principle of Strength, Mobility and Awareness and become equipped with the necessary components to build and propose a program of GRAVITYⓇ Pilates.

GRAVITYⓇ for dancers

GRAVITYⓇ 4 Dancers, created by Matilde Demarchi, is a specific training and certification course intended for all dance professionals. Classes and programs are designed for dancers on Total Gym ELEVATE Encompass™, or GTS, and aim to increase dancers' skills, prevent injuries, boost coordination, rebalance, and strengthen body and mind.

The concepts of GRAVITYⓇ4 Dancers are deeply rooted in ballet, modern, Graham, Laban, Humphrey, and Horton techniques..

GRAVITYⓇ post rehab

This course is addressed to all Pilates, rehabilitation, and fitness professionals who want to acquire practical and theoretical knowledge of the Total Gym GRAVITYⓇ Training System.
The program allows partecipants to apply work protocols and movement progressions, focused on the functional recovery of the knee, the shoulder, and the lumbar spine, to help the clent regain the maximum efficiency.