Physical Preparation

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GRAVITYⓇ Training System with Total Gym ELEVATE Encompass™line

The key principle of this machine with infinite potential is the use of gravity to develop effective and safe workouts. Lessons utilize one’s natural bodyweight without overloading the spine nor the joints, thus helping to improve mobility and fitness while preventing injuries. Alternating between strength, flexibility, balance, coordination, and control exercises, the practice offers a specific, motivating, and enjoyable training, ideal for dancers, athletes, and anyone simply wanting to train, stay fit, and increase their bodies’ physical abilities safely.

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Pilates Matwork

Pilates Matwork exercises involve the entire body, maintaining tone and elasticity, with a comprehensive program that focuses on postural muscles. Group courses are made effective and fun by a wide variety of exercises with gradual levels of difficulty.

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Yoga lessons are moments dedicated to self, accessible to all, where one rediscovers the pleasure of a fluid body and can reunite with the breath, letting all the daily tensions that create heaviness and discomfort subside. Through sequences and positions the body regains its elasticity without creating any tension, only muscular commitment and deep listening.

It is a moment of recharging energies and of amazement for the potential of individual achievements, where the pleasant sensations of well-being and relaxation can be fully experienced.

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