Erica Rampone

Erica Rampone has developed a great attention to the body, which she knows and uses as a tool at the service of physical preparation, declining her ballet art in Pilates and Gravity classes.

She started her journey in the world of ballet at a very young age, beginning her studies at Pro Arte Danza in 1998 and pursuing it regularly within the school.

She approached teaching in 2012, working alongside the director of Pro Arte Danza Theater, while continuing to attend classes in addition to participating as a dancer in the school's productions.
Between 2015 and 2017, she collaborated as a ballet teacher in the academic courses of the Contemporary Dance Theater school and with the Centro Danza Futura school. It was during those years that she began her journey at Orsolina28; in fact, Erica has been by our side since the birth of the Orsolina28 School, where she first pursued the study of ballet alongside the Graham, Horton and Humphrey technique and later collaborated as a ballet assistant.

After her long years of studying ballet, Erica approached the study of Pilates Matwork technique according to the Nineteen Hundred Pilates and Dance method and became certified as a Gravity Foundation Instructor and Gravity Pilates Reformat Evolved Instructor.

Erica is the perfect figure to accompany students into the world of wellness and help them take their first steps toward self-awareness and body awareness.