Intensive life

The Intensive life

During the Lessons of the intensive programs, we grow, dream and explore. The result is a strong Bond

“This was a life-changing experience. I was challenged in every way and really noticed growth in myself.”

Intensive participant

I had such a beautiful time here at Orsolina. The program exceeded my expectations for sure. The staff were so nice, the teachers are so genuine and thoughtful. Nature is so peaceful and serene and really contributes to our growth as humans and artists.

Intensive participant

It blew my expectations and I am so grateful for that. I thank you all for everything you gave us. This experience has been absolutely life changing for me at this point in my life, a turning point.

Intensive partcipant

Intensive life The Intensive courses include full immersion of 1-2 weeks focusing on study, the practice of repertoire, and the methodologies of internationally renowned choreographers. All Intensive program participants have the rare occasion to learn from and engage with exceptional artists, who convey their art at its finest in the pure and harmonious setting of Orsolina28.

“These past two weeks have been so refreshing. Thank you for creating such a nurturing environment. I feel like I’ve learned so much in the past two weeks and I will never forget my time at Orsolina28!”

Intensive participant

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