faq intensive

All those who intend to apply for an Intensive Program have to submit their application through the corresponding online form. Each Intensive Program has a fixed number of admissible participants.

Depending on the program you're applying for you will need to add some personal information such as generalities, dancing backgrounds, resume, short dancing videos, etc...

The information required may change from program to program depending on the faculty's necessity. Each application may require the payment of an Application Fee. At the end of the procedure you’ll receive a confirmation email.

Yes, you can apply to more than one Intensive at the same time.

Each program requires information and materials that you need to re-enter each time you apply. Each Intensive has its Program Director, responsible for selecting participants.

If required by the program, at the end of the application process you will have to pay a mandatory and non-refundable application fee. The process will be considered finalized only with the payment of the fee. Applications without paid fee will not be considered.

The Intensive Programs are designed as a unique experience for dancers: studying and living surrounded by nature. The package includes full board and classes, so it’s not possible for participants stay elsewhere.

The participants selection process is a Program Director responsibility and the Orsolina28 team is responsible for forming the classes with which the teachers will work and relate during the Intensive.

The Program Director will check the submitted material of each candidate and will define the list of participants.

Cancellation options change depending on the program chosen. A prompt communication is required.

Some scholarships are available for each program.

The Program Director, according with the faculty and the direction of Orsolina28, will decide to whom the available scholarships will be awarded, based on the conditions provided for each program. The participant who will receive the scholarship will not be eligible for any additional discounts.

All payments and transactions are made online, it’s not possible to purchase your package upon arrival at Orsolina 28. It’s important to consider that only the payment of the total fee confirms the registration to the program.

The registration fee includes all the classes scheduled in the program and it’s not possible to attend only some lessons.

All classes, whether they are dedicated to the study of repertoire or technique, are behind closed doors.

During some dedicated moments, such as the open sharing at the end of the program, it will be possible to share the results of the Intensive weeks with friends and relatives.

The Intensive are usually dedicated to professional and pre-professional dancers, aged 18 and over. In the rare and exceptional case in which a minor is accepted to participate in the program, some additional forms will be required signed by the parent or legal guardian.

Valid identity document or passport

Health card (if in possession)

Mosquito repellent spray

Bath towels

Battery charger and converter

Personal toilet products

Flip flop


Dance gear

Ballet shoes and pointe shoes

Knee pads

Water bottle