Intensive Weekend


Sep 10 – Sep 13, 2020

Privato PRIVATO is a workshop devoted to dance languages contamination and experimentation.

Choreographers have been invited to create choreographic labs with the purpose of driving movement research, challenging dancers to work on their personalities through new choreographies and dance languages. The locations that Laccio chooses for each edition of PRIVATO always offer something special: they are inspiring environments for the dancers to work on themselves without any form of distraction, places that give room to the research on the own self and the opportunity to work on their personality.

On summer 2020 PRIVATO moves to Orsolina28 for a unique experience, an intensive weekend with Laccio, his company and some guests choreographers.


Young, eclectic, versatile, Emanuele Cristofoli, known as Laccio, is an innovative, unconventional talent in dance and more. W magazine, one of the most important magazines of the New York press, refers to him as a “youthquake” and Vogue quotes “a talent with the face of a Botticelli angel and the spirit of Johnny Rotten”.
His career has been multifaceted: first was he a dancer, then a choreographer and art director.
Thanks to his experience, Laccio can now take on entirely the coordination and organization of any kind of show or perfomance , should it be theater, or a musical or a television show.

Laccio’s art direction has an innovative, iridescent and distinctive mark.


  • Shady Salem

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    Founder and artistic director of Damnedhouse, Damneddancers and Damnednights, Shady is the choreographer of theatre shows such as "Tripolare - lo spettacolo" and "Freedomtrip". Guest in various national and international events. He’s the Director of the CSEN urban dance contamination sector.

  • Jesus Guida

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    Born and raised in Venezuela, he developed his dance and music passion thanks to his parents. In 2001 he moved to Italy to deepen his language studies and by chance, he gets in touch with hip-hop culture from which he will never drift apart. He danced with Daddy Yankee, Barbara Tucker, Paris Hilton, Lena Lane, Claudia Gerini, and for brands such as McDonald's, Apple, Vodafone, Napapijri, Tezenis.

  • Laccioland Company

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    Laccioland Company, was born in 2012 as a fresh experimentation of analysis and original development of hip hop styles. Hip Hop stripped down to its essence and bare expression - its techniques reinterpreted with a new corporal take that is characteristically Laccio.

    A young self-produced all-male dancers company, Laccioland Company debuted with its first production, "CRE/AZIONE" in Catania at Scenario Pubblico, National Dance Production Centre.
    The company has taken part in several national and international festivals and exhibitions including Idaco in New York.