Summer Camp '18

Week 03

8 – 14 Jul 2018

Summer Camp Una settimana all’insegna della danza hip-hop e della danza urban, affiancate da lezioni di tecnica Horton e repertorio Alvin Ailey.


After breakfast, camp participants immerse themselves in a schedule filled with various activities that compliment and help develop the life of a dancer. We offer horticultural workshops to all students in our vegetable garden, guided E-bike tours around the country landscape of Moncalvo, along with classes ranging from ballet, modern to Hip Hop.

Our specially designed Physical preparation classes consist of open-air Yoga, Pilates, floor barre and access to the Gravity Training System with the Encompass TM machines.
An organic lunch prepared by fresh ingredients from Orsolina’s vegetable garden is served midday, followed by an afternoon filled with classes.

Optional Gravity lessons are available before dinner, but students may choose to relax and unwind in the comfortable setting of the landscape. All activities take place under the careful supervision of counsellors who oversee and lead participants during activities. On select evenings, participants are welcome to attend events produced by Orsolina28.

Moncalvo in Danza


  • Fatima Robinson

  • Jessica Castro

  • Lisa J. Willingham

  • Laccio