23 Jul 2022

Orsolina28 Art Foundation's summer festival dedicated to emerging talents in contemporary dance returns to the Open Air Stage.
Young international artists will bring to the stage notes of their new choreographic works to share with the audience of Focus on Creation in absolute preview.

Free admission | Performances begin at 19:30

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Icarus - Pontus Lidberg

Icarus - Pontus Lidberg

In Icarus, choreographer Pontus Lidberg daringly inserts a queer heart into classic Greek myths. It is the last part of a trilogy, inspired by liminal beings in Greek mythology who are caught in the paradox of being both human and not human, but also neither. Too human to be animals, but not human enough to be accepted as such, they live outside the bounds of society. The first two parts of the Trilogy, multi award-winning Siren (2018) and Centaur (2020), were based on definitional liminal beings who were born with the physical traits of their hybridity. Icarus, on the other hand, is inspired by a boy who was not born as a liminal being, but died as one.

Many people know Icarus as the youth who flew too high and so plunged to his death. In other words, he failed. In this third part of his Liminal Beings Trilogy, Lidberg draws on the stories of Daedelus, the master craftsman who sought to escape Crete with his son, Icarus, by building wings and flying away. Lidberg queers this arche- typal father-son relationship by imagining them as lovers. As such, the aesthetic center of Icarus—like in much of Lidberg’s work—is the relationship of two men, where the farewell is embedded in the first encounter.

Choreographer: Pontus Lidberg
Dancer: Julien Guillemard
Dramaturg: Adrian Guo Silver
Costume Design: Rachel Quarmby-Spadaccini

Choreographer & Dancer

Icarus 23 Jul 2022
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