The Eye

The Eye is an absolute original architectural structure, oval-shaped, from which its name was inspired. The space was born from the visionary and passionate collaboration between Ohad Naharin and Orsolina28 to create an ideal place to host Gaga seminars.

Thanks to its particular design, the Eye offers the versatility necessary to host various disciplines as well as being an unconventional space for performances.
Laying on a meadow of Cherry trees adjacent to the Glamping, the structure has been designed with collapsable walls that allows a 15 meters proscenium for performances and for the audience to be seated in the open air. Deliberately projected and designed without mirrors, this circular space dedicated for live performances and seminars measures at 435 square meters with 3,80 meters in height. The space is equipped with Harlequin floor, audio/video system in HD and guarantees an excellent acoustic performance.


Surface 435 mq
Flooring Harlequin

Sound system

HD system audio playback


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