Laccioland Company

Jun 11 – Jun 25, 2021


There is an emptiness that fills up the space, that allows to be touched, that reveals itself full and invading. In its presence it is filled with gestures and prayers get written: eight dancers design new verses of faith and by the gift of remembrance, gives sense to the present.

They leave space for those who are gone yet have been there, those who have built, shaken, loved and forgiven. The void takes the shape and fills its space: this is the shape of maternal love, an eternal and otherworldly sentiment.

Eight dancers, men today yet sons forever, celebrate Mother of mothers by the strength and elegance of gratitude, protecting her memory and paying respect to the timeless privilege of being sons.


Laccioland Company, was born in 2012 as a fresh experimentation of analysis and original development of hip hop styles. Hip Hop stripped down to its essence and bare expression - its techniques reinterpreted with a new corporal take that is characteristically Laccio.

A young self produced all-male dancers company, Laccioland Company debuted with its first production, "CRE/AZIONE" in Catania at Scenario Pubblico, National Dance Production Centre. The company has taken part in several national and international festivals and exhibitions including Idaco in New York.


  • Laccio

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    Eclectic, versatile, Emanuele Cristofoli, known as Laccio, is an innovative, unconventional talent in dance and more. W magazine, one of the most important magazines of the New York press, refers to him as a “youthquake” and Vogue quotes “a talent with the face of a Botticelli angel and the spirit of Johnny Rotten”. A dancer, a choreographer and an art director.Laccio’s art direction has an innovative, iridescent and distinctive mark.

    In the last years he has created for film, fashion and advertising, having outstanding collaborations with Paolo Sorrentino and Gabriele Muccino, and for various brands: TIM, Gucci, Calzedonia Group, Missoni, Benetton, La Rinascente. Today Laccio is also the creative direction of Xfactor Italia.

    Along this line of projects Laccio pursues his own choreographic research with an all-male company. He experiments and creates with the aim of staging a new and exclusive language, closer to the theatrical dimension, where its highest artistic expression can be disclosed.

SACRÈSTE - 25 June 2021

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