Adriano Bolognino

May 4, 2021 – May 28, 2021


"Every Saudade is a transparent capsule, which seals and at the same time offers vision of what cannot be seen, what has been left behind, but is kept in one's heart." Saudade is the nostalgia for the future, the regret for the loss of time and the sorrow for the time to come. It is the pain of a moment in life that has ended, for being away from home. It is the lack of a lost friend, it is a latent disposition, that tomorrow will be conscious.

Saudade is a mood, a state of mind, that can perfectly be depicted through the infinite power of images. Bolognino's project was born from this set of emotions and sensations. Inspired by Fernando Pessoa and his four main literary personalities, four dancers on stage will play different heteronyms, each carrying his/her own biography and autonomous personality and having experienced his/her own, intimate form of Saudade. Everyone exists as an individual and in relation to others. Saudade, unlike nostalgia or loneliness, is not only experienced individually but collectively as well. Saudade faces the future, while it's perceived as uncertain but a desire that is full of hope that one does not yet possess.


Adriano Bolognino is an Italian dancer and choreographer, born in 1995 (in Napoli). He joined various young companies in Italy and abroad: Milano Contemporary Ballet, Valencia Dancing Forward and StudioXL Reggio Emilia, performing works by Wayne McGregor, Marcos Morau, Roberto Altamura/VittoriaBrancadoro, Joan Crespo, Francesco Curci, Natalia Iwaniec, Damian Munoz, Laura Matano, Nicoletta Cabassi.

In 2018 he danced for Jorge Crecis and became later assistant at the Arts University of Malta. The works “Your body is a battleground - trio version” for the EgriBianco Company and “Preludio dell’anima” for OCDP in Verona were created in 2019.

His creations have been staged in festivals and national and international theatres like the Cross Festival Verbania, Peccati di Chore/Opifico di Roma, LDIF Leicester, What we are Udine, Opus 1 Slovenia, Corpo Mobile Festival, Inventaria Festival, Monday Dance Napoli, Festival Ammutinamenti, Fabbrica Europa, Gender Bender Festival, Estate Fiorentina, Prospettiva Danza Padova and Biennale Danza College Choreographers when the work “ La più viva delle città morte was created.
In 2019 he was shortlisted for the Award TWAIN_direzioniAltre with the work “RM94978 from Paris to Tenerife” and won the Award Prospettiva Danza Teatro Padova.The work “Gli amanti” was created for the Anghiari Dance Hub in 2019 and has been selected for the digital platform Aerowaves21.

In 2020 Adriano Bolognino has been commissioned a new creation by the Venice Biennial and created the work “Your body is a battleground - solo version”, produced by Cornelia.


  • Rosaria Di Maro

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    Rosaria Di Maro was formed with Mara Fusco at Centro Regionale Della danza Lyceum where she professionaly approached modern dance. Granted a fellowship for professional contemporary dancers, she moved to STUDIOXL a Reggio Emilia. She danced in Jorge Crecis’s “9minutes” in collaboration with Trip Space London and she became his assistant in the Arts University of Malta.

    She is a free-lance dancer. She is collaborating with the young choreographer Adriano Bolognino with whom won in 2019 the award Prospettiva Danza Padova. She has perfomed in numerous national and international festivals like Let’s Dance International Frontiers, Anghiari Dance Hub 2019, Anticorpi XL 2019, Twain Direzioni altre, Gender Bender Festival, Fabbrica Europa, Biennale Danza 2020, Aerowaves.

  • Giorgia Longo

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    The Italian dancer Giorgia Longo, Catania 1997, begins her dance amateur studies in her hometown. She moved onto professional formation and graduated in 2019 at the Oliva Contemporary Dance Project, with the artistic direction of Michele Oliva and Francesca Dario. Since 2019 she dances for the Italian choreographer Adriano Bolognino. She has performed in “RM from Paris to Tenerife”, “The liveliest of dead cities” and “The Lovers”, work selected for Aerowaves 2021.

    In 2020 she presented her first creation “The garden of the unconscious” and won the choreographic call OCDP Showcase.

  • Roberta Fanzini

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    Roberta Fanzini studied and obtained her diploma at the Artistic Center of Portici of Irma Cardano and Virginia Vincenti, and then graduated in contemporary dance at the National Academy of Dance in Rome with honors. She has been dancer of the youth company "IVIR DANZA". She studied with prestigious Masters including Lia Calizza, Pedro de la Cruz, Nina Watt, Bill Hastings and Chat Walker. She works with several choreographers including Stian Danielsen and Alberto del Saz. She is selected for the Summer Intensive in Amsterdam studying Hofesh repertoire with Yeji Kim. She wins international competitions, receiving several awards including a scholarship to the DAF in Rome and the Princeton Ballet School. She is a finalist in the Premio Roma Danza with "Graphic Experiment" by Silvia Autorino. Receives an award for the path taken at the AND at the Protomoteca Hall in Campidoglio.

  • Noemi Caricchia

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    Noemi Caricchia, Napoli 1993, begins her studies in ballet and moved to the study of the modern, contemporary and Horton techniques at Mara Fusco’s Lyceum in Napoli. She graduated in 2014 and has participated since in numerous artistic residencies with various choreographers like Fabrizio Varriale, Erika Silgoner and Imre Van Opstal.

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