Jul 16 – Jul 20, 2020


To the Mother of all mothers. To her, full of grace, refuge of every child, Laccioland Company inspires and dedicates a dance that is prayer, lament, celebration and anger.

She, the Muse of values and blessings, who represents both divine energy and earthly strength.
Because nothing in the world is stronger than maternal love, which transcends space and time, knowing no end but only the beginning.
And in this tribute of unconditional love, the dancers reveal their gratitude.


Laccioland Company, was born in 2012 as a fresh experimentation of analysis and original development of hip hop styles. Hip Hop stripped down to its essence and bare expression - its techniques reinterpreted with a new corporal take that is characteristically Laccio.

A young self produced all-male dancers company, Laccioland Company debuted with its first production, "CRE/AZIONE" in Catania at Scenario Pubblico, National Dance Production Centre.
The company has taken part in several national and international festivals and exhibitions including Idaco in New York.

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