Graham For Europe

sml Dance

Sep 11 – Sep 15, 2020


"Perhaps if we can start by looking at opposition differently and always with a sense of ‘evolution’, we could take away its dominance on us. That no matter what happens, after we wipe our tears and attend to our wounds, we vow to turn it into something better and beautiful. Perhaps in doing so, we would feel less victimized, less angry and less afraid".

REBIRTH is a piece commissioned to Graham for Europe by sml Dance, a dance performance curation and incubation company. REBIRTH is about the cyclical nature of life. The constant discovery and re-discovery, about ourselves and about each other. This dance work will be choreographed and performed by a group of young contemporary artists who have all the same dance language in heritage: one created by the modern dance pioneer Martha Graham who opened the pathway into self-discovery, into connecting emotion into motion. The Graham artists will use the same physical sources and in-depth discoveries to speak to this time, their time, and develop their own voice forged in the rich history of modern dance that is to be re-discovered and to be born to the instant.

“Every thing that you love, you will eventually lose, but in the end, love will return in a different form.” Kafka and The Doll


Dance Artists:
Giulia D'Antoni
Jean Baptiste Ferreira
Gildas Lemonnier
Rafael Molina (founder of Graham for Europe)


Graham For Europe is a European organization connecting the Graham community on the continent and fostering collaboration within European countries and with the Martha Graham Center in New York.

Through master classes, conferences and other resources, it takes the Graham legacy into the future, maintaining the creative process alive and open to new Graham artists.

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