Cyndy Salgado

Jun 9, 2019 – Jun 21, 2019

"Melting Walls"

Melting Walls is a collaborative dance/oral history film project that will capture the journeys of 10 social dance leaders from hustle, zouk, and Argentine tango who have immigrated to North America. It will show through dance and clips of their interviews how their adaptability has transformed them and influenced their communities.

The choreographed portion which will be created and filmed at Orsolina28 will focus on the themes of journey and empathy through the languages of contact improvisation, house, and Argentine tango. Because these dances require a high level of listening when improvising, the movement research was focused on improvisation. Yiannis Logothetis and Cindy Salgado plan to see how much they can maintain a heightened state of empathy through the creation process and choreography as well.

Yazmany Arboleda and Devin Jamieson will be filming and editing the entire project at Orsolina28, which will give time for the filming to be choreographed for a similar level of sensitivity. At a time when the judgements made against immigrants in the US are so disconnected from the reality of who these humans actually are, Melting Walls will bring light to the way some of those journeys have made positive contributions in our society. Not yet titled, it is a mix of music, choreography and visual displays exploring themes of connection and humanity, and bringing focus to their relationship with desire and technology in the modern age.


Cindy Salgado has been a proud member of Crystal Pite's Kidd Pivotsince 2009. Since graduating from the Juilliard School with the Princess Grace Award in 2005, she has performed with Aszure Barton and Artists, Peter Chu’s ChuThis, and on various projects for Mia Michaels and Andy Blankenbuehler.

As a choreographer, Cindy has collaborated with writers Alejandro Rodriguez and Daniel Watts, directors Jesse Perez and Mauricio Salgado, choreographers Yvon Crazy Smooth Soglo of B-boyizm and Jermaine Spivey, and cinematographers Yazmany Arboleda and Devin Jamieson among other great artists.

Cindy is a faculty member for New York City Dance Alliance and the co-founder of Artists Striving To End Poverty (ASTEP). She was an Assistant Rehearsal Director for Cedar Lakeand has assisted on Cirque du Soleil’s Delirium and in preproduction on Hamilton, In The Heights, and other Broadway shows. One of her most recent creations was this film project:

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