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Adriano Bolognino

On occasion of the 28th edition of Artissima, Adriano Bolognino returns to Orsolina28 to present an exclusive site-specific performance of “La più viva della città morte” in The Eye.

The creation, begun in 2019 at the Venice Bienniale College, has been completed with the support of Orsolina Art Foundation within two weeks of residency at Orsolina28 and presented in The Eye in its integral version.

"How long will you stay hidden behind a statue of clay?"

Inspired by the city of Pompeii, LPVDCM is a journey back in time and in the same way a personal vision of what the city is today, after the catastrophe of the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 A.D.: the casts, so real and human, the explosion, the sumptuous feasts, the festive hunts, the beauty and the colours of this eternal city.

A story that highlights the marvelous fragility of man in front of nature.

Something eternal that is in stark contrast to the overpowering and destructive force of nature. To see beauty in the catastrophe, in the ruins. A mixture of fear and awe where the end leads to the beginning.

Without forgetting the pain. You cannot forget the fear if it has completely travelled through every part of your body.
A beginning that is as beautiful and breathtaking as the end.
The beauty of before, the beauty of today.

Overall duration: 50 minutes
The Eye


  • Adriano Bolognino

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    Adriano Bolognino is an Italian dancer and choreographer, born in Napoli in 1995. He joined various young companies in Italy and abroad: Milano Contemporary Ballet, Valencia Dancing Forward, and StudioXL Reggio Emilia, performing works by Wayne McGregor, Marcos Morau, Roberto Altamura/VittoriaBrancadoro, Joan Crespo, Francesco Curci, Natalia Iwaniec, Damian Munoz, Laura Matano, and Nicoletta Cabassi. In 2018 he danced for Jorge Crecis and became later assistant at the Arts University of Malta.

    As a choreographer, in 2019 he created the works “Your body is a battleground - trio version” for the EgriBianco Company and “Preludio dell’anima” for OCDP in Verona. His creations have been staged in festivals and national and international theatres such as the Cross Festival Verbania, Peccati di Chore/Opifico di Roma, LDIF Leicester, What we are Udine, Opus 1 Slovenia, Corpo Mobile Festival, Inventaria Festival, Monday Dance Napoli, Festival Ammutinamenti, Fabbrica Europa, Gender Bender Festival, Estate Fiorentina, Prospettiva Danza Padova and Biennale Danza College Choreographers when the work “La più viva delle città morte” was created. In 2019 he was shortlisted for the Award TWAIN_direzioniAltre with the work “RM94978 from Paris to Tenerife” and won the Prospettiva Danza Teatro Padova award. The work “Gli amanti” was created for the Anghiari Dance Hub in 2019 and was selected for the digital platform Aerowaves21.

    In 2020, Adriano Bolognino was commissioned for a new creation by the Venice Bienniale and choreographed the piece “Your body is a battleground - solo version," produced by Cornelia.