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June, 22-27 2020


A program designed to train and certify new teachers capable of making the most of the versatility of Elevate Encompass, a machine with endless potential. Using the force of gravity as the basic principle, it provides a safe and efficient training program for dancers (Gravity for dancers) and athletes (Gravity Foundation & Gravity Pilates Contrology Evolution) to maintain and expand on their physical abilities. Gravity® is a fundamental means of physical preparation without stressing the joints helping to improve mobility and prevent injuries.

Most importantly, it is a great way to keep the body balanced and healthy in a captivating and pleasant way.


Dancer, choreographer, Gravity Global Master Trainer, yoga certified teacher and personal trainer. Matilde Demarchi trained at the Martha Graham School of Contemporary Dance and Robert Fitzgerald Pilates Studio to deepen her knowledge in the physical preparation for dancers. Since 1981 Matilde Demarchi is the Founder and Director of Arké Dance School in Torino. A Global and International Master Trainer for Total Gym Company for 13 years, has taught in USA, Asia, India, Russia and Europe, she is the creator and developer of all dancers certification programs on the Elevate Encompass, as well as the 19HUNDRED method and Matilde’s braid.


Gravity Foundation is the introductory training course for all fitness professionals seeking to gain practical experience and knowledge of the Total Gym ® Elevate Encompass. The course covers movement execution and its connection with inclined bodyweight training, including the concept of SMA adaptability, and muscle isolation to integration. You’ll apply this to the Total Gym® Exercise Library, which includes more than 120 exercises and endless variations performed on the Total Gym incline trainer. Attendees engage in the process of creating progressive and regressive GRAVITY exercise programs for Total Gym that are scalable to client ability and based on program efficiency. Effective program development and revenue models for one-to-one and multi-client personal training sessions are reviewed to assist in business development for a facility and an individual trainer. Attendees will also learn how to implement pre-designed workouts for strength and endurance when working with small or large groups. Presenter mastery skills are also covered in the course, along with a review of the Total Gym GRAVITY launch plan including marketing protocols to create a winning GRAVITY program.

PH: Julien Benhamou


Set on Gravity Training System Elevate Encompass, body weight is used to enjoy a new and dynamic Pilates class. As this training is based on the principles of Joseph Hubertus Pilates Method, this strong, flexible, properly aligned, exhilarated, stretched and focused workout will improve the core strength & control and will change your body awareness and quality of movement. This training will help participants in all other disciplines such as walking, running, dancing and most importantly in their daily life.

PH: Julien Benhamou


Classes and programs designed for dancers on Encompass are very specific to increase all the ability of dancers, prevent injuries, increase coordination, re-balance and strengthen body and mind. Gravity For Dancers is connected with 19HUNDRED (Teacher Training Program) and is a specific program developed by Matilde Demarchi with over than 35 years of experience as a dancer and instructor.. 19HUNDRED Pilates and Dance provide a complete education path and will radically change a dancer's life.

PH: Julien Benhamou


  • 07:30-08:45 Breakfast
  • 10:00-13:30 Theory & Practice
  • 13:30-15:30 Lunch
  • 15:30-18:00 Theory & Practice
  • 18:30-21:00 Dinner

* Remember to wear workout clothing, bring a towel, and your personal water bottle

Prerequisites to be a Gravity Trainer®:

Participants must be 18 years of age or older Attendees must hold a current certification from a professional certifying organization


  • Improve core strength body awareness alignment flexibility
  • Have a new perspective of Contrology
  • Learn how to prevent injuries
  • Learn how to recover from injuries very quickly
  • Increase strength, core control, body awareness, coordination, flexibility, plyometric power, landing and jumping patterns, extra rotation and parallel alignment
  • Reducing stress on joints and realign dancers‘ and athletes body
  • Demonstrate mastery of the Total Gym incline bodyweight trainer and accessories
  • Review basic anatomy, physiology, biomechanics and functional movement
  • Apply resistance training fundamentals to the Total Gym
  • Learn and apply the Total Gym Exercise Library
  • Design individualized multi-client and group GRAVITY programming
  • Learn how to create a workout for a wide variety of client goals and abilities
  • Earn CECs: 1.6 ACE, 14.25 AFAA, NASM 1.6, BCRPA 16.0, canfitpro 4 FIS & 4 PTS


Orsolina28 has been designed to provide a shared experience in and around nature. Glamping is a camping site with permanent geodesic dome tents equipped with all modern comforts (included wi-fi). Participants live outdoors without forsaking any amenities. Each tent comes with its own power outlets and bathroom, including a toilet, sink, shower, hot water and cooling/heating system. The Glamping area also contains communal areas with washing machines, sinks, and two additional toilets for guests. The vast green meadow all around the Glamping wing of Orsolina28 is ideal for a total immersion in nature.



The vegetable garden at Orsolina28 is the result of old farming skills mastered by modern techniques. The cultivation, a landscape of eight beds facing south, rotates on a seasonal schedule. This aims to get a better structure for the terrain. Covering 2500 square-meters, the area produces high-quality bio vegetables. Each bed carries an array of classic and unusual herbs, together with multi-colored edible flowers such as Indian Cress, Common Yarrow, Borage and Garden Balsam. The restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner and adjoins the dance studios - just a few minutes walk from the Glamping grounds. Menus are based on simple and natural dishes with ingredients produced by the Orsolina28 vegetable garden.




Tuition: € 1.100,00 (theory and practice classes, Elevate Encompass exercice book, room and board)


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