Workshop &
Masterclass Summer

Workshop & Masterclass Summer 2016

The Summer 2016 has been our debut on stage. We were committed to make it at the best. In the heart of Monferrato in few weeks some of the greatest and the most prestigious among the international performers have passed to Orsolina28. Such as our beloved Artistic Director Marie-Agnès Gillot, who held various masterclasses for the youngest too! And the sought-after hip-hop choregrapher Fatima Robinson, who has created numerous worldwide renowned videos and has collaborated with artists and personalities of the calibre of Prince, Michael Jackson, The Black Eyed Peas, Pharrell, Michelle Obama and many others.

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The art of Shantala

Shantala is the kind of artist whose enchantment is overwhelming. Her name in Indian means “heral of peace” and this does her art do: fascinate and pacify the spirit. Orsolina28 has been honoured not only to host Shantala Shivalingappa’s masterclass but to be the first to stage in Italy the last performance of the stunning danceraccompanied by the Catalan musician Ferran Savall. “Impro” is “a concert for a dancer” that goes beyond the mere improvisation and becomes pure instinct, intuition and emotion.


Et vous nous croyez si on vous disait que le rythme peut être vu? Eh bien, nous en avons eu la preuve pendant les ateliers scolaires du hip-hop de l’Orsolina28 Summer School. Fatima Robinson alias la reine du #hiphop international, a enchanté toutes les classes ouvertes à tous les danseurs, du débutant à l’expert. Nous avons tourné une incroyable vidéo pendant les jours passés ensemble en Juillet. Que puis-je dire? Nous sommes impatients de voir dévoilées les prochaines dates des classes!

Open Day

full and intense day with a unique aim: to get people involved by the energy and passion that lead us. On Saturday September 24th not only will it be possible to visit the spaces but to try our courses with our teachers. The Yoga classes, the Classical Technique for all ages and levels. The Propedeutic dance for the youngest for instance. It will be possible to taste the Contemporary Technique or the Afro ones, to try the Pilates and the GRAVITY®. All teachers’ committment is to encourage, tutoring and push the students in the right direction. All can dance.


The smile of Lorenzo bewitches you at first sight. When you see him dancing then, the spell is cast even deeper. His personal story is made out of talent, dedication, chance and grit. Lorenzo was born in Torino and beginned studying dance in Matilde Demarchi’s Arké. She watched him, followed him and showed him the way: the contemporary dance and specifically the Graham technique. Nowadays Lorenzo Pagano is Soloist at the Martha Graham Company in New York City.

Summer Camp

A very rich summer is about to arrive at Orsolina28. Just a few days before the beginning of Moncalvo in Danza festival on July 2, 2017 - this year celebrating its 10th edition -proposes, in co-direction with Orsolina28, a three-week program until July 22. For information we invite you to visit our  and Moncalvo in danza website where you will certainly find the week that most suits you and all the teachers to learn from.For information: click here.


In the realm of the Paris Opera Ballet, there is a strong and talented Little Italy. Les Italiens de l'Opéra de Paris, art directed by Alessio Carbone, present an anthology of solos and partnering belonging to the great classical repertoire along with contemporary dance pieces. A Gala evening, promoted by Orsolina28, will offer the precious opportunity to see established Italian dancers active abroad. The clean and refined French class will intermingle with the vibrant Italian Style, also supported by the presence of our artistic director, the wonderful Marie-Agnès Gillot. Sunday July 2 - Teatro Civico, Monlcavo. For reservation click here.